Where is Elden now?

Current Racing

Eldens are being kept running by enthusiastic owners and teams in all corners of the world. Over 250 cars rolled out of the factory in the 30 years between 1966 and 1996. We know the locations of some of these cars and are grateful for any and all information we receive about them, their owners and their exploits. Please do get in contact to keep us updated.

We have compiled a list of resources to help you keep your Elden on the track. This list is updated as and when new information is sent to us.

Have an Elden and need to find where you can race it? We have compiled a list of racing series and which cars are eligible for entry.

Do you need any help bringing your Elden up to a raceworthy condition? We have a list of teams, suppliers and fabricators that may be able to help.

Have an Elden to race, but need a support crew to look after it during a race weekend? Or are you starting from scratch and would like to hire an Elden for a race or season? Specialist teams are available to help.