The Elden Story

Elden is Born

In 1967 one of Peter and Brian’s suppliers offered to underwrite the cost of producing a Formula Ford. John Thompson and his son, Peter, wanted to form a new company to manufacture racing cars, so the name Elden was registered (all previous models had been known as (BRIHAM). The unused Mk3 (PRH3) design was brought up-to-date and named the Mk6.

With its inboard suspension, square tube fully triangulated frame and short wheel base, it looked capable, and so it proved. In its first race, despite starting at the back of the grid, Peter Hillard finished third behind Geddes Yeats and Mark Litchfield. US distributor WREP Inc. were impressed and ordered three cars.

Alongside the Mk6, a new car called the Mk7 (Sturgess) was designed for the new F100 sports car formula. Peter Hampsheir design the chassis and Tony Hilder produced the body. Three chassis were laid down, one of which was bought by Mark Cole of Hot Car Magazine.

Sadly John Thompson died and with him the recently formed company. The Hampsheirs kept the Elden name and the Formula Ford project whilst the sports car project was sold to Clarke Sturgess. Clarke completed the second and third cars, driving one himself and Chris Lee in the other. Several championship races were won in these competitive cars.

One again Peter and Brian found themselves with a promising product, and now with the Elden name, but with no cash.