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Mk 10 – Elden PRH 10

Formula Ford 1600 | 1972 to 1974 | ~120 Cars Produced

The Elden PRH 10 is a Formula Ford 1600 and a design development of the Mk 8 that came about due to the original Mk 8 drawings becoming lost. The new Mk 10 design incorporated both RAC and SCCA regulations and allowed for more flexibility in applying optional extras to accommodate customer requirements.

All chassis were fabricated by Arch Motors, with the characteristic ‘AM’ stamp on the rear bulkhead.

Notable changes from the Mk 8 include: redesign of rear bulkhead to accommodate option for inboard brakes, homologous rollover hoop design for UK and USA customers to SCCA regulation 10 gauge 1.5 inch diameter steel tubing, improved stiffness, removable engine bay bracing, four bodywork design options and a generally neater cockpit layout.

The main bodywork design options were: the standard bodywork (similar to the Mk 8, but with the ‘fish-mouth’ nose replaced by a sleeker ‘scoop’ nose design), bodywork ‘A’ which was an evolution of the Dennis Falconer bodywork designed for the Mk 8, bodywork ‘B’ which uses the ‘fish-mouth’ nose and the ‘boat-tail’ engine cover that fully covered the engine bay and finally bodywork ‘C’ which used a wedge nose and added sidepods to house the radiators.

The engine cover could be swapped around for the ‘fish-mouth’ nose and came in three options: the short Mk 8 style, the long standard Mk 10 style that covered the entire top of the engine and finally the ‘boat-tail’ which fully encased the engine bay.

Notable Teams, Owners and Drivers

Catnic Team: Ted Wentz (Wella Formula Ford Championship winner in 1973), Denny Shaddock

Tiff Needell (Later F1 driver for Ensign, Le Mans 24 Hour driver and TV Presenter)

Daniel Partel (Founder of European Formula Drivers Association, President of Lola Cars)

Paul Page (Broadcaster, “Voice of Indy 500”)

Paul Pfanner (Founder of Formula and Racer magazines)

Michael Argetsinger (Author, Founder of the International Motor Racing Research Center)

Brands Hatch Motor Racing Stables

Notable Races, Championships and Records

Won the Wella Formula Ford Championship in 1973. Catnic car driven by Ted Wentz.