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Mk 23 – Saracen BEH 23

Sports 2000 | 1979 | 4 Cars Produced

The Saracen PRH 23 is a Sports 2000 sports-prototype car using the Ford Pinto TL20 engine.

The car features a semi-monocoque chassis that evolved from lessons learned in developing the Mk 7 F100 and the Sports 2000 upgrade to the Mk 11 Sports Racer.

The chassis is longer and wider than the Mk 11 Sports 2000 and also features a roll cage to protect the driver’s legs.

While the car received favourable reviews and a positive write-up in Autosport, the design was heavy and quickly superseded by competing manufacturers who released full monocoque cars that were lighter and faster.

Notable Teams, Owners and Drivers

Olympus Cameras Team: Cees Siewertsen (Later an F1 test driver for Scuderia Finotto), Ruud Koper

Mithril Racing, corporate events and driving school at Goodwood Motor Circuit

Oulton Park Racing School