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Mk 9 – Elden PRH 9

Formula 3 | 1972 | 1 Car Produced

The Elden PRH 9 is a Formula 3 car designed for the Holbay tuned Cosworth BDA 1600cc engine.

The chassis was a Nichols tubular space frame from the Mk 8 that had been modified by GP Metalcraft to accommodate welded aluminium panels, side mounted radiators and alterations to the rear bulkhead to fit inboard brakes. The bodywork included the only Elden Formula 3 car to feature a wedge shaped nose with wings.

The prototype was exhibited at the January 1972 Racing Car Show held on the MV Free Enterprise II, moored near HMS Belfast on the Thames. All orders received as a result were upgraded to the Mk 12 design.

Financial constraints limited the car to being raced by Works driver Mike Catlow sporadically in different 1972 Formula 3 series.

After the Mk 12 was developed, Mike Catlow moved onto drive the Mk 12 prototype and the Mk 9 was raced by another Works driver, Andy Sutcliffe, sponsored by Mitford.

The prototype was later upgraded to be similar to the Mk 12.

Notable Drivers

Mike Catlow (Later an F3, Formula Atlantic and Group C driver)

Andy Sutcliffe (Later an F1 driver for March)