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Mk 18 – Elden BEH 18

Formula Ford 2000 | 1976 to 1977 | ~11 Cars Produced

The Elden BEH 18 is a Formula Ford 2000 and was a design development from the Mk 17 Formula Ford 1600.

The changes from the Mk 17 included chassis modifications to accept the heavier regulation Ford Pinto TL20 engine and downforce generating bodywork developed from the Mk 15 and Mk 16 and bearing Elden’s signature Falconer style nose.

The additional size and weight of the TL20 engine compared to the Ford Kent meant that the car did not suffer from as much flexing as the Mk 17, was much less prone to spinning and was a more successful contender.

Notable Teams, Owners and Drivers

Divina Galica (Later a British F1 driver and F1 driver with Hesketh, former Captain of British women’s Olympic skiing team in 1968 and 1972).

Ann Moore (1972 Olympic equestrian silver medallist). The car was named Psalm 2000 after her Olympic horse Psalm.

Thomas Lauda (Cousin of F1 driver Niki Lauda), sponsored by Jim Beam Whiskey.

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