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Mk 16 – Elden PRH 16

Formula 2 / Formula Atlantic | 1973 | 1 Car Produced

The Elden PRH 16 is a jewel in the Elden crown. It is designed as a Formula 2 car with a chassis developed from the Mk 15 and was ordered by Tony Brise.

Changes from the Mk 15 include: an evolved monocoque chassis with a skin design that improved stiffness and accommodated Formula 2 regulations, twin fuel cell, all new wheels designed by Peter and fabricated by Dymag, bodywork modifications to accommodate the chassis changes and Formula 2 regulations yet still maintain the signature Falconer nose.

When Tony cancelled the order, Gordon Smiley became the customer and the car was finished as a Formula Atlantic with a Cosworth BDA 1600 engine and Hewland FT200 gearbox.

Notable Teams, Owners and Drivers

Gordon Smiley (Later an Aurora British F1 driver for Surtees)

Jorge Koechlin (Later an Aurora British F1 driver for Amazon Motorsports Team Peru, Owner of Automundo Magazine and ESPN Broadcaster)