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Mk 16 – Elden PRH 16

Formula 2 / Formula Atlantic | 1973 | 1 Car Produced

The Elden PRH 16 is a jewel in the Elden crown. It is designed as a Formula 2 car with a chassis developed from the Mk 15 and was ordered by Tony Brise.

Changes from the Mk 15 include: an evolved monocoque chassis with a skin design that improved stiffness and accommodated Formula 2 regulations, twin fuel cell, all new wheels designed by Peter and fabricated by Dymag, bodywork modifications to accommodate the chassis changes and Formula 2 regulations yet still maintain the signature Falconer nose.

When Tony cancelled the order, Gordon Smiley became the customer and the car was finished as a Formula Atlantic with a Cosworth BDA 1600 engine and Hewland FT200 gearbox.

Notable Teams, Owners and Drivers

Gordon Smiley (Later an Aurora British F1 driver for Surtees)