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Mk 15 – Elden PRH 15

Formula 3 / Formula Atlantic / Formula B | 1973 to 1974 | 2 Cars Produced

The Elden PRH 15 is a Formula 3 car that uses the same monocoque chassis design as the Mk 12 and was designed around the BMW Schnitzer F3 engine.

The prototype was displayed at the Racing Car Show held on the Townsend Torrison ferry in 1974 together with a Mk 10 Formula Ford.

Design changes from the Mk 12 were primarily in bodywork to meet new restrictions on the maximum height.

Although designed for and exhibited with the BMW engine, both cars would use the Cosworth BDA 1600 engine.

Mk 15 cars that went to the USA were sold as and raced in Formula Atlantic and Formula B categories.

Notable Teams, Owners and Drivers

Jorge Koechlin (Later an Aurora British F1 driver for Amazon Motorsports Team Peru, Owner of Automundo Magazine and ESPN Broadcaster)