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Mk 22 – Saracen PRH 22

Formula 2 / Formula Atlantic / Formula B | 1978 | 1 Car Produced

The Saracen PRH 22 is a retrospective designation for a clean-sheet Formula 2 design that is also homologous to Formula Atlantic and Formula B regulations.

The design was originally designated the PRH 19 and was also known as the Saracen 772 (being designed as a Formula 2 car in 1977). The confusion arose because it was developed simultaneously with the BEH 19, which was built first and so secured the Mk 19 title.

The design features an all-new monocoque chassis designed to accommodate the Cosworth BDA engine.

The bodywork is an evolution of the Mk 21 that features a front wing that sits above the nose, resembling the tea-tray type design of the March 711 Formula 1 car.

A single prototype was built and sold to the USA where it was raced as a Formula C with a Cosworth BDJ engine and 5-speed Mk 9 Hewland gearbox.

Notable Races, Championships and Records

Won the ICSCC Formula C championship in 1979, driven by James Blackwell.

Lap record at Portland International Raceway in 1979 in Formula C configuration, driven by James Blackwell.